1.      Money Transfer Service:  reliable, convenient and fast money transfer service to numerous destinations at competitive prices.  


2.     Food/ Item Transfer Service:  a home-delivery food and other items service to Haiti.  Senders can select from a wide assortment of high quality food and other items to be delivered to their relatives’ doorstep in short time frames throughout Haiti.


3.     International and Domestic Top Up Service: provide customers with the means of adding money to prepaid cell phone accounts.


4.  Pin-Less Long Distance Service:  a pin-less long distance service which enables customers to recharge their account to conduct international calls at competitive prices.


5.  Bill Payment Service: a bill payment solution that enables customers to pay their bills at any authorized location.

Unitransfer is licensed as a money transmitter by the State Banking Departments of CT, FL, GA, IL, LA, MA, MD, NJ, NY and RI.